Menan du Plessis
Cape Town

Bio: I am a Research Associate in the Department of Linguistics at Stellenbosch University. My first studies in Linguistics were with John Coetzee and Roger Lass at the University of Cape Town in the 1980s, but these were difficult times, and it was only much later that I was able to resume my postgraduate studies. I received my PhD from UCT in 2009 for a thesis in Khoesan Linguistics, and have since been most happily engaged in further research, writing and teaching. I particularly enjoy collaborating with scholars from other disciplines, such as history and archaeology. I have conducted fieldwork to obtain recordings from two of the last speakers of Kora and am preparing a book on this nearly extinct Khoesan language, together with colleagues from elsewhere in South Africa, and Namibia. I have previously published two works of fiction, A State of Fear and Longlive! (both David Philip). Other interests include African History, the History and Philosophy of Science, and developments in Open Access publishing. I am married, with two daughters, and our small garden of indigenous South African plants is cheerfully frequented by sunbirds, glass-eyes, bulbuls, Cape thrushes, Cape robins, fiscal shrikes and Cape turtledoves.

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